April Ryan: Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Phrase Could Cause ‘Anarchy’ Overseas

During an interview with Variety, American Urban Radio Network’s White House Correspondent April Ryan said President Donald Trump’s use of the term “fake news” is “reaching overseas,” where it could “destabilize democracies,” and cause “anarchy.”

Ryan said, “Here is the thing, fake news by the president, saying this, it’s not just a simple or cute little statement for some. This has tentacles that—it’s reaching overseas. I have heard from European leaders who are saying it could really destabilize democracies. They are very concerned about this fake news issue.”

She continued, “Think about it. When you are in a country, and your citizenry thinks that you’re fake, thinks what the news is saying is fake, there could be anarchy some kind of way. And it causes a destabilization of democracies. There are tentacles to what this president is saying.”

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