Stephen A Smith: Josh Rosen ‘Idiotic,’ ‘Stupid’ to Claim He Will Ensure Teams Regret Not Picking Him in Draft

After falling in Thursday’s draft to the 10th pick, new Arizona Cardinals first-rounder Josh Rosen guaranteed making the nine teams that passed on him regret it over the course of his career.

Friday, ESPN “First Take” co-host Stephen A. Smith slammed the outspoken quarterback, calling him “idiotic” and “stupid” to make such claims.

“[Y]ou are walking into the National Football League, going up against men. In college, in the last 12 months, Max, Todd, this guy has suffered two concussions. Let me ask you a question, Josh Rosen, when somebody knocks you upside your head or caves your chest in to the point where you are gasping for air because a grown man puts you down, what does that have to do with anything? What are you going to do then?” Smith asked.

He continued railing against Rosen, saying, “It is stupid, and he needs to be quiet because it is not just head after you throw the about his ability, it is about his durability. And while we won’t sit here and insult him by questioning his ability, we will sit there and say, ‘Two concussions coming into the draft, you already have durability issues. And when you get into the NFL, somebody is going to knock you upside your head.’ It’s just a dumb, dumb thing to do when you play the quarterback position and you are out there being fresh meat. It’s stupid!”

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