Kellyanne Conway: Dems Don’t Have the Guts to Introduce Bills to ‘Reimagine Borders’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” White House aide Kellyanne Conway expressed her skepticism to fill-in host Jeanine Pirro that some congressional Democrats preaching open borders have the courage to introduce open borders legislation on the floor of their respective chambers of Congress.

Conway, apparently responding to comments from Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) last week suggesting the federal government should “reimagine ICE,” said Democrats would rather participate in protests than offer legislation that would accomplish their stated goals.

“And let ‘s reimagine ICE, whatever that means,” Conway said. “Hey, Jeanine, guess what? They say they’re for open borders, but none of them has the guts to go and put the bill. They go out to the protest. They don’t go in the well of the Senate. They don’t go in the House and introduce bills that say ‘We’re going to reimagine borders. We’re going to reimagine the fact that Congress made it a crime to enter the country illegally.'”

“None of them have the guts to do,” she continued. “Where’s the piece of legislation? It’s cheap and easy to go wave a sign and go scream into a megaphone. It’s harder work to come back to Washington and actually do your jobs. And you know what? This president, he’s on task every single day. He ran successfully on issues like illegal immigration, like having borders and security. And he always talks about the drugs that are pouring in, also. He’s on top of that as well.”

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