Italy Slashes Asylum Seeker Benefit Payments

Populist Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has ordered that benefits for asylum seekers be substantially reduced saying the money saved will be given to police working overtime shifts instead.

Migrants sit in the street of Via Cupa outside the former Baobab migrants reception centre next to the Tiburtina train station in Rome on August 8, 2016. Set up almost three years ago the Baobab centre was shut down by police in December 2015 in the wake of Paris attacks. …

Germany Wanted To Turn Back Migrants In Sept 2015

BERLIN (AP) – Germany planned to close its border with Austria and turn back asylum seekers in September 2015, a move that could have dramatically changed the course of the European migrant crisis that was at its peak at the


Death of Schengen: Germany-Austria Border Control Extended Indefinitely

One of the key principles and flagship developments of the European Union (EU), open borders, has taken another significant blow as Germany and Austria held a joint press conference to announce the new border controls between their countries were going to continue indefinitely.

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Europe Threatens to Quarantine Greece Over Immigration Fiasco

The Commission of the European Union (EU) has told Greece that it has three months to come into compliance with its system of registering and processing migrants, or its borders will be sealed and migrants will be forced to remain