Giuliani: ‘The Mueller Investigation Is Falling Apart of Its Own Weight’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle,” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani assessed the health of the Department of Justice special counsel probe investigating possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election headed by former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

According to Giuliani, who is also serving as legal counsel for President Donald Trump, said Muller’s probe was “falling apart of its own weight.”

Partial transcript as follows:

INGRAHAM: What’s the progress on Mueller–

GIULIANI: The progress on the Mueller investigation is that it’s falling apart of its own weight.

INGRAHAM: They’re hiring more people. They hired five more people, the Pfizer guys and they said they’re going to conclude.

GIULIANI: They can hire ten more people. With this kind of support, like Mueller fires him but never finds out the extent of his taint. To this day we don’t know the taint that he created in that investigation since he started it. That’s the investigation we’re dealing with right now with a bunch of people who have the same political view as he has.

INGRAHAM: They found out that Mueller did not in fact, that came out today, did not in fact ask any questions about his texts when he departed.

GIULIANI: So I had an assisting US Attorney when I was US Attorney. He’s writing horrible things about the defendant or the subject of the investigation and he’s with about ten other people. And I don’t find out what he said to them, what he did, who he interviewed-

INGRAHAM: What does that tell you about Mueller?

GIULIANI: What it tells me is Mueller is asleep at the switch. It’s being run by the same kind of Hillary party that he is, the same kind of horrible person that he is with this attitude about deplorable Americans like you and me. And they will frame Donald Trump which is one of the reasons why they are trying to set a perjury trap for him. And thank God that we’re tough enough to smell that out.

INGRAHAM: What do you think about the fact that we found out today that Strzok still has the security clearance.

GIULIANI: I think it’s disgraceful and I am ashamed of the justice department today. Why aren’t they moving against this guy? Why is he still have a security clearance?

INGRAHAM: Well there’s a Democrat that said he should get a purple heart, he said today.

GIULIANI: Is he still getting paid?

INGRAHAM: I don’t know. Yeah I guess he’s still getting paid.

GIULIANI: I think he’s suspended, I think he’s still getting. You are paying his salary and I am paying his salary and the guy is maybe the most flawed FBI agent since the guys who spied for the Soviet Union.

INGRAHAM: Any closer to an agreement with Mueller of some kind of limited questions?

GIULIANI: Probably further away.

INGRAHAM: Further away?

GIULIANI: When you see this kind of thing. You’re a lawyer, would you walk your client into a kangaroo court? With guys who donated $36,000 to his opponent, cried at her loss party, represented the scoundrel who broke the-

INGRAHAM: I never understood the people who thought Trump should ever testify in this Mueller thing. Maybe written questions to certain–

GIULIANI: If you have an objective group of people that you can persuade, of course you’d consider testifying. But if you people that are like him, they don’t even —

INGRAHAM: He’s gone, though. Now they have a whole —

GIULIANI: But they’ve never unraveled the taint that they created. Nor do we know about the texts of the people that are there right now. I want to see their texts in 2016. What did they write about Donald Trump? Did they think I’m a deplorable and you’re a deplorable, and the president is, and the 80 million people that voted for him? I want to know that.

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