WATCH: ‘Massive’ Sinkhole in Denver Swallows SUV

A “massive” sinkhole opened up in Denver Tuesday afternoon, swallowing a woman’s Toyota RAV4 SUV.

The Sheridan Police Department announced that the sinkhole opened up in the eastbound lanes of West Oxford Avenue following a heavy thunderstorm, causing the vehicle to fall 15 feet into a pool of water.

Police the woman driving the SUV jumped out of her vehicle before it fell through the sinkhole, and did not suffer any injuries.

The rain reportedly affected a pipe below the pavement, causing it to give way, according to police. Authorities say the road is closed as crews work to repair the sinkhole, but there is no definitive timeline as to when the road will reopen, KARE reported.

Tye Adams, who witnessed the SUV’s sudden descent into the ground, told the Denver Channel he had “never seen anything like it.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Adams told the Denver Channel. “I didn’t think I would go to work one day and see a car fall into the ground like that. It’s pretty absurd. $40,000 down the drain literally, you know what I mean?”

Denver has dealt with its fair share of sinkholes swallowing vehicles. In May 2o17, an Uber driver’s vehicle plunged head first into a sinkhole that opened up due to a water main break in the road.

In 2015, another sinkhole opened up at the same intersection where Tuesday’s incident took place and swallowed a police cruiser.