GOP Rep Collins: Charges Against Me ‘Meritless’ – I’m Staying on Ballot

During a statement on Wednesday, Representative Chris Collins (R-NY) stated that he “followed all rules and all ethical guidelines when it comes to my personal investments,” including those with Innate Immunotherapeutics and dismissed the charges brought against him as “meritless.”

Collins said, “My connections with the company are well-known. I believe I acted properly and within the law at all times with regard to my affiliation with Innate. Throughout my tenure in Congress, I have followed all rules and all ethical guidelines when it comes to my personal investments, including those with Innate. When it became clear that the drug I and others believed in fell short of our hopes and expectations, I held on to my shares, rather than sell them. As a result, the significant investment I made in the company, worth millions of dollars, were wiped out. That’s okay. That’s the risk I took. My real concern lies with the millions of people suffering from secondary progressive MS, who to this day, struggle without life-saving treatments for their deadly disease. … I am proud of my affiliation with Innate.”

He added, “The charges that have been levied against me are meritless, and I will mount a vigorous defense in court to clear my name. I look forward to being fully vindicated and exonerated, ending any and all questions related to my affiliation with Innate.”

Collins further stated that he won’t address any issues related to Innate outside of court and will remain on the ballot to run for re-election in November.

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