Eli Lake: Trump Has Elevated John Brennan as the ‘Face’ of Resistance


Bloomberg’s Eli Lake refuted former CIA Director John Brennan’s claim that President Donald Trump is trying to “silence” him during an interview Monday on “Fox & Friends.”

Lake argued the president is instead elevating Brennan as the “face” of resistance.

“In a lot of ways John Brennan is an ideal foil for someone like President Trump who believes that the law enforcement, intelligence community had their thumb on the scale in the last year of Obama during 2016 during the campaign,” said Lake. “Here, you have the former CIA director, who has, in very shrill tones, and using, in my view, a lot of hyperbole describe the president’s actions as traitorous, treasonous, etc.”

He continued, “[I]t’s an ideal kind of conflict and ideal foil for Trump to elevate Brennan in many ways as this sort of face of his resistance.”

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