WATCH: Woman Repeatedly Slaps Man on NYC Subway

A woman repeatedly slapped a man inside a New York City subway car on Saturday, continuing to hit the man while he cried out for help, according to a video of the incident.

The 33-second video clip, shot on a cellphone by an eyewitness, shows a woman in a butterfly print shirt going up to a man on the R train on Saturday near Brooklyn, smacking him upside the head, the New York Post reported.

The eyewitness said the man reportedly said something to the woman that upset her, prompting her to react.

“I was on the train and all of a sudden this woman started yelling at the man ’cause he said something wrong and she got up and started attacking him,” the witness said.

“Why you act, motherf—ker?” the woman said while hitting the man in the head.

“I didn’t act anything!” the man shrieked, searching the subway car for someone to help him. “Call the police! Please, call the police!”

The woman then whacked the man’s body before slapping him in the head.

“Stop … I’m calling the police. I’m taking video of you,” the man warned his attacker.

The attacker eggs her victim on, telling him to “call the police” while she continued to slap him.

“I’m calling them! Help me! Someone call the police! Someone call the police,” the man cried out, but no one stepped in to intervene.

Rowdy passengers have been known to become a little “slap-happy” inside New York City subway cars.

An incident where a man slapped a woman across her face inside a New York City subway car in October 2016 went viral. The woman appeared to ask the man to quiet down before he acted out.



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