WATCH: Secret Santa Enlists Homeless Man to Give $100 Bills to Strangers

A homeless man has been on a mission to make people feel like 100 bucks by handing out $100 bills to those who stop to pay attention to him.

The video shows the homeless man named Moses Elder, who at first glance looked like a run-of-the-mill panhandler, passing out the $100 bills to unsuspecting pedestrians on a Phoenix street.

Elder had help from an anonymous billionaire Secret Santa, who instructed his elf to give away $3,000 to people who deserved it.

“I think this will be a joyful experience for him. You know, it’s a myth that the homeless just take. From my experience, the people with the least give the most of what they have,” the Secret Santa told the CBS Evening News.

Danny McCoy, who dropped a few coins in Elder’s cup, said he was “eternally grateful” for the man’s act of kindness because he had struggled to find the money to buy Christmas gifts for his seven children.

“I’m eternally grateful for what he did,” McCoy said.

Although Elder gave most of the money to strangers, he also gave $400 to a man from his church and $500 to a homeless mother with five children.

The billionaire also gave Elder some money to keep for himself for doing his good deeds.

“This here is a new beginning for me,” Elder said, adding that the monetary reward he received did not match the joy he got from helping others.

“Today we changed a lot of people’s lives. But I believe my life was changed the most,” he said.


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