Dem Rep. Bass: Silly, Offensive for Trump to Cite Unemployment Stats to Say ‘He’s in Love with African-Americans’

Monday on “CNN Tonight,” Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) questioned President Donald Trump’s reasoning for touting his good relationship with the African-American community and highlighting low African-American unemployment as the justification.

After discussing the Gov. Ralph Northam (D-VA) racist yearbook photo saga with host Don Lemon, Bass called out Trump, calling his overtures “silly” and “offensive.”

“Well, let me just tell you that we just finished in the Congressional Black Caucus doing a poll, and if he thinks he has support in the African-American community, let me tell you, it is in the low single digits. It is so offensive to me when he talks about the employment rate in the African-American population. He had nothing to do with that. It’s not as though he had some jobs program and that led to a decrease in African-American unemployment. If he wants to give credit anywhere, he needs to give credit to the Obama administration that kept us from having a disaster in our economy, and the economy was getting much better when he took office. He had absolutely nothing to do with the African-American employment, and he needs to stop using that to say that he’s in love with African-Americans. It’s silly, and it’s offensive.”

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