Castro: ‘With as Much Lying as This Administration Has Done,’ Why Would We Trust Summary of Mueller Report?

On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “OutFront,” 2020 presidential candidate, former HUD Secretary, and former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro (D) wondered, “with as much lying as this administration has done,” why anyone would trust Attorney General William Barr’s summary of the Mueller report without seeing the report itself. He further stated that he is “inclined to believe” the AG that the Mueller report didn’t show collusion.

Castro said, “We don’t know what’s actually in the report other than the summary from the attorney general, and with as much lying as this administration has done, why would we trust the summary of this report without actually seeing the report? I’m not saying that the report says, yes, he did it. I’m inclined to believe the attorney general when he says that it did not find that there was collusion. However, I’m not prepared to say that I believe that the report did not point out some facts that we don’t know about, some actions that the president has taken or folks within his inner circle that suggest that they were trying to court or to benefit from Russian interference.”

Castro added that he’s not accusing Barr of being a liar, “I’m just saying that I think people have seen plenty of times during this administration, exaggerations, leaving information out, sometimes outright lies. What I’m saying is that the American people, and certainly the United States Congress, deserves to see the full contents of the Mueller report.”

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