CNN’s Camerota: Republicans Try to Turn Socialism into a ‘Nasty Word’

Wednesday, CNN “New Day” host Alisyn Camerota discussed socialism being viewed more favorably in the Democratic Party than capitalism with Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), a 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful.

Ryan said he is “concerned” about socialism entering the party, but Camerota said the GOP has a different definition for the idea, adding that Republicans try to make socialism out to be a “nasty word.”

“You can be hostile to concentration of wealth, you can be hostile to income inequality, you can be hostile to greed. We can’t be hostile to the system. That’s how we get past China,” Ryan explained.

“It depends on how you define socialism, right,” replied Camerota. “So, the Democrats have one definition and the Republicans are trying to turn it into a nasty word.”

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