Alyssa Milano on Biden: It’s Not About Who’s Best, It’s About Who Can Beat ‘Horrible’ Trump

Monday on MSNBC’s “Live,” actress and activist Alyssa Milano discussed her support for former Vice President Joe Biden.

Milano said, “I think there’s a distinct line between the indiscretions of President Trump which go beyond just his accusations of sexual assault and obviously of Joe Biden makes it on the ticket, Joe Biden’s indiscretions of being overly affectionate. But I also want to talk about Anita Hill and really just say that I know this is an issue that has come up for Democrats how the vice president had maybe handled that situation. I can also tell you from my conversations with him, he deeply regrets what happened. He has dedicated much of his career, and I think we can’t look at his past myopically. We have to look at the big picture with co-authoring the Violence Against Women Act, always being a supporter of the women’s right to choose and fighting for women to be on the Judiciary Committee after Anita Hill. These are all things that are incredibly important to Vice President Biden. And I think it’s important that we discuss it and get it out on the table. But none of this I think if the country chooses that Joe Biden should be the Democratic nominee should stop Joe Biden from being that nominee.”

She added, “There’s nobody in the world that wants progressive policy to be set in place more than I do. But this primary to me is not about policy. It’s about beating Trump, period, that’s it, end of story. We need to nominee someone that is going to beat Trump and bring honesty and integrity and dignity and truth back to the United States of America. Empathy, compassion, all these things that I want to teach my children growing up in this great country. We need someone that’s going to represent that to the best of their ability and fight Trump. And, you know, I can’t — it’s not about who’s going to make the best president. It’s really about who’s going to beat this man, this horrible, horrible president.”

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