NBC’s Todd: Last Dilemma Like This for Democrats Was the Iraq War Vote

Thursday on NBC’s “Today,” network host Chuck Todd weighed in on the state of the Democratic Party after FBI special counsel Robert Mueller gave a statement that reiterated his findings in the Russia probe.

With impeachment talks continuing among some from the party despite Mueller saying there is evidence of wrongdoing by President Donald Trump, Todd said the Democrats have not had a “dilemma” like this since the Iraq war vote.

“If a majority of Democrats wanted to start impeachment I think [House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would] already be there,” Todd explained. “I equate this — the last time we’ve seen Democrats at least have a dilemma like this was the Iraq War vote. And it was back in 2002, and it’s a similar situation. The politics of the moment basically said you’ve got to stick by the president. You’ve got to do this. There was concern.”

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