MSNBC’s Jordan: Trump-Kim Meeting ‘Makes Me Want to Puke’

On Monday, MSNBC commentator Elise Jordan reacted to President Donald Trump’s trip to North Korea to meet with dictator Kim Jong-un.

Jordan, a former aide to the George W. Bush White House, said on “Morning Joe” that seeing Trump “go out of his way to kiss up” to that “monster” makes her “want to puke.”

“It makes me want to puke,” Jordan stated. “Just my visceral reaction as an American who cares about democracy and human rights, the fact that Donald Trump is going out of his way to kiss up just to this monster, instead of actually projecting strength.”

She continued, “What have we gotten from the North Koreans for all this pomp and circumstance and the propaganda coup of having the president of the United States crossing into North Korea. I don’t understand what we’ve gotten except diminished our own standing in the world.”

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