Watch: Family Fishing Trip Interrupted by Great White Shark

The Nelsons may have been hoping to bring home dinner on Saturday, but one of the world’s biggest predators invited itself over.

Doug Nelson and his son Jack were fishing off the coast of Massachusetts in Cape Cod Bay. As they were pulling in one of their lines, a massive great white shark leaped from the water a few feet in front of them, apparently diving at the “good-sized fish” on the other end.

Nelson told New England Cable News that the encounter “gave [them] a good scare.” In the video, happy chatter is briefly replaced by terror as those in the frame quickly pull back from the aquatic apex predator.

Fishing boat captain Marc Costa confirmed that it was in fact a great white, as did the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. The shark is one of 12 sightings confirmed in the area. The booming seal population is believed responsible for the sudden surge in their presence — as seals are an easily accessible source of food.

A local shark researcher said the encounter  is a “good reminder that [great white sharks] don’t just eat seals, and [to] always be cautious when retrieving your catch.”


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