Fishermen Suspect Tory Brexit Pledge Masks Betrayal on £6.3bn Fishing Zone

The Government has committed to scrapping the Fisheries Convention of 1964, allowing Britain to take back control of its territorial waters from the EU out to twelve miles – but fishermen are concerned that failure to commit to reclaiming the country’s full, 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) signals an impending betrayal.


Fishermen Angered After Tory Manifesto Sets Up Brexit Betrayal

The Conservative manifesto suggests Britain will not regain their full territorial waters after Brexit, claims the Fishing For Leave group who say the careful choice of words regarding fisheries may foreshadow a Brexit betrayal. The manifesto, titled ‘Forward, Together‘, commits

HOLD FOR RELEASE- RELEASE DATE TBD - In this April 23, 2016 photo David Goethel flips a cod while sorting ground fish caught off the coast of New Hampshire. To Goethel, cod represents his identity, his ticket to middle class life, and his link to one the country’s most historic …

Barta: President Trump Should Stop the Obama Attack on New England Fisherman

In the waning days of his administration, Barack Obama decided to seriously cripple the American fishing industry. By executive order, the former president designated a vast underwater expanse off the coast of New England as the nation’s first aquatic national monument. This decision, driven by evidence-free environmental concerns, effectively banned all commercial fishing in the area.

French Fishermen

Telegraph: Brexit ‘Could Boot French Fishermen Out of British Waters’

The Daily Telegraph reports: French fishermen fear that Brexit could wreck their industry if they are denied crucial access to British territorial waters in the Channel. The French National Fisheries Committee complained on Tuesday that larger vessels accustomed to fishing in


Watch: 500-Pound Shark Snatches Sailfish From Anglers’ Hook

A group of anglers and tourists went out off the Miami shore looking to make big catch. The anglers made one, hooking a large sailfish. It turns out, an even larger shark decided that it wanted the sailfish more. As the


South China Sea: Vietnam Seizes Trespassing Chinese Ship Carrying Mystery Oil

Vietnamese officials have seized a Chinese ship and arrested its crew after it wandered into Vietnamese waters in the South China Sea, the latest in a string of similar seizures of trespassing Chinese ships around the globe. In addition to not being able to justify their presence in Vietnam, the Qiong Yangpu’s crew refused to identify the origin of their cargo: 100,000 liters of diesel fuel.