FNC’s Wallace: Mueller’s Testimony Did Not Give Trump a ‘Clean Legal Bill of Health’

Thursday on Fox News, anchor Chris Wallace argued that Wednesday’s testimony of former special counsel Robert Mueller did not give President Donald Trump a “clean legal bill of health.”

Wallace said, “I hesitated the idea of saying the president should declare victory except in one narrow way that he should have, maybe the most important way. It certainly not like he got a clean legal bill of health yesterday. There were a lot of damaging facts that were related. And to the degree that he came forward and he didn’t often, but that Mueller did say some things that were negative about the president in terms of enumerating allegations in his report. But in the end, if you’re Donald Trump, there’s one question that you have to ask yourself — this is where it was a big victory for him —are you closer or further away of impeachment at the end of the day? Yesterday, which conceivably could have been a bad day for the president, you’d have to say impeachment was even more distant than it had been at the beginning of the day. So in that sense, it was a victory for the president. He doesn’t want to be impeached.”

He added, “It may have been also been a victory for Nancy Pelosi. She doesn’t want to expend the political capital to impeach the president. She said it was bad to hold on to their majority in November 2020.”

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