Dem Rep. Cohen on Impeachment: ‘We Need to Put a Scarlet Letter’ on Trump

On Sunday, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) continued his push to have President Donald Trump impeached.

Cohen said during MSNBC’s “Up” that it is Congress’ “duty” to impeach Trump, who he called “a lawless president.”

He went on to add that the president needs a “scarlet letter on him.”

“We’re moving along [on impeachment],” Cohen told host David Gura. “This is a lawless president who should be impeached, and that’s our job under the Constitution if we see violations. It’s a political decision, but we ought to be making a decision in the best interest for democracy, and that’s to impeach the man.”

“I’m not suggesting we impeach for politics. I’m saying we ought to do it because he deserves it. We need to put a scarlet letter on him. We need to do our duty,” he stated.

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