McAuliffe: Trump Talks White Supremacist Language Which ‘Incites’ Violence Like El Paso

This weekend on PBS’s “Firing Line,” former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) said President Donald Trump talked in the language of white supremacists, which “incites them to take action.”

When asked if it is smart to call Trump a white supremacist, McAuliffe said, “We’re dealing with a very specific group of individuals who hate blacks, hate Jews, hate any person of color. They do, they say this every single day. Trump talks in their language. He incites them to take action.”

He added, “So if he’s inciting people like this killer in El Paso, I mean, come on. So I don’t know why anyone is quibbling about it. He says and does things that promote a white America and to bring discord and racial divide to our country.”

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