ABC Legal Analyst Sunny Hostin on Trump’s Hurricane Sharpie Map: ‘It’s a Felony’

Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host and network legal analyst Sunny Hostin said if President Donald Trump used a Sharpie to alter a Hurricane Dorian weather map it is a felony.

Co-host Joy Behar said, “Well, here’s the thing, just because you sleep with somebody named Stormy does not make you a weatherman.”

She added, “I don’t know why he brings up Alabama. He said it was going to hit Alabama. Alabama is two states west of where the thing was hitting.”

Co-host Abby Huntsman said, “It’s also very dangerous. People are watching this closely, and here an entire state is thinking that the hurricane is headed directly towards them. I’m wondering where his team is? We talked about this — this week, the loyalty around him. who is watching put for him?”

Hostin said, “The dangerous thing about it as you mentioned, Abby, is people in Alabama probably freaked out. The National Weather Service right after said Alabama will not, all in caps, see any impacts from Hurricane Dorian. And I think what’s terrible is it’s illegal to falsely —under federal law, to pass off a doctored national weather service forecast. Wouldn’t it be interesting if this is what took down the president?”

She added, “It’s a felony.”

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