Donny Deutsch: Trump Doesn’t Have the ‘Cojones’ to Go to War

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” network contributor Donny Deutsch said people could “feel safe,” that the ongoing conflict with Iran will not lead to war because President Donald Trump doesn’t have the “stomach or the cojones,” to enter into a military conflict.

Deutsch said, “Two insights into the president one that got us here and one that will tell us where we are going first, he is a classic CEO who likes to break everything before he got there so he can somehow fix, be a hero obviously this is a tough fix, but he clearly owns it. The thing that if you are not a hawk, you should feel very, very good about is Donald Trump doesn’t want to go to war. Not for the left-brain economic reasons. He is ironically one of the most non-confrontational on a smaller scale. He never fires anybody to their face. I am not going to use the word, but for all of his bluster and all this tough guy bravado — I’m not goading him on here —when it comes time to throw the punch he is running in the other direction. So that should keep us safe from war.”

He added, “Now as far as in the world of diplomacy, how does that play, that is another issue. But if you think about all the things he’s done, how many bold moves has he done? Not said, things where he really put himself out there? Really none. He got a tax plan through, and he made up stories about a caravan. This is not a president that I think has the stomach or the cojones to do if the right move was a military action and clearly nobody wants to do that. So that should make people feel safe.”

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