Kaine: ‘Absolutely No Reason’ for U.S. to Use Military Action to Protect Saudi Oil

Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) pumped the brakes on the United States taking military action against Iran in response to attacking Saudi Arabia’s oil.

Kaine advised there is “absolutely no reason” for the country to go into war to protect the Saudi oil while the United States is provoking Iran, saying to let Saudi Arabia “defend themselves.”

“There is absolutely no reason for the U.S. to go to war or engage in military action to protect Saudi oil. Zero,” Kaine told host John Berman. “Let the Saudis defend themselves. We sell them weapons. We give them advice. That’s one thing, but to be engaged in military action, another war in the Middle East, a war to protect Saudi oil, and a war based on what I believe is some fundamental mistruths that the administration is promoting is a disaster.”

“Another war in the Middle East to protect the Saudi oil? It would be ridiculous,” he concluded.

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