Mark Sanford: ‘I Think an Inquiry Is Justified’

Monday, 2020 GOP presidential candidate former Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) revealed he thought an impeachment inquiry for President Donald Trump was “justified” but could have some consequences.

Sanford warned about the “tremendous discord” an impeachment would bring to the political system, and how much harder it would make challenging Trump for the GOP nomination in the primary.

“Substantively, I think an inquiry is justified. An impeachment, though, is ultimately, you know, the context is political,” Sanford explained.

He added, “Though it may be justified, it will bring tremendous discord within the political system that will then usurp the electoral process that’s now taking place right now on the Democratic side. And on the Republican side, people circle the wagons. They feel as if their president is under threat. They circle the wagons that much harder. It makes it that much harder to get your word out if you’re a challenger.”

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