Michael Moore on Impeachment Inquiry: ‘We Can’t Have Mueller 2’

Filmmaker Michael Moore during Wednesday’s “Morning Joe” discussed the push for an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump over his phone call with Ukraine’s president.

Moore cautioned that doing a “Mueller 2” “ain’t going to play well” for the Democrats in 2020, and he called for impeachment to be done by Halloween rather than the end of the year.

“We saw what happened, they admitted it. They provided the details for how it happened,” Moore told host Joe Scarborough. “What more is there that we need to do other than to have this impeachment as soon as possible? They think we can do this by the end of the year. By the end of the year? By Halloween. You know, what is the point of any investigation?”

He continued, “If the Democrats go to do Mueller 2, that ain’t going to play well and they’re going to lose the momentum that they need. It’s so rare for us, Joe, to be this far ahead of ourselves that to let Trump and his people figure this out and try to catch up. These people are evil geniuses and they are not stupid, and I have ultimate respect for their ability to get away with anything.”

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