GOP Rep. Mark Green on Impeachment Hearings: ‘If This Is Their Shock and Awe, I’m Yawning’

While some in the media and on the Democratic side of the aisle are proclaiming “the end is nigh” regarding the Trump presidency and impeachment, Rep. Mark Green (R-TN) is having none of it.

During an appearance on CNN on Thursday, Green offered his thoughts on congressional Democrats’ effort to impeachment President Donald Trump and said resulted in him “yawning.”

“You know, I was — if this is their shock and awe, I’m yawning,” Green said to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “So a staffer overheard a phone call in a restaurant. I think it’s absurd that we’re even having that conversation. That would not even be admissible in any kind of court proceeding in the land. It’s just ridiculous that this is what — this is the best they got. Yesterday was the best they got, and it was an overheard phone conversation at a restaurant. That’s just crazy.”

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