Dem Rep. Cohen: Pelosi Will Eventually Have to Send the Impeachment Articles to the Senate

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “OutFront,” Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) stated that eventually, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will have to send the House’s impeachment articles over to the Senate.

Cohen began by saying that he believes the Senate’s approach to the impeachment trial will change and expressed “great confidence” in Pelosi.

Host Kate Bolduan then asked, “McConnell said today…that sooner or later Speaker Pelosi will have no choice but to send the articles of impeachment over. How is he wrong about that?”

Cohen responded, “Well, he’s not wrong, I guess politically. Because the pressure will be there and Speaker Pelosi does not want this to go on for a long time and make people not remember how Democrats are protecting the protections that we have in the ACA for folks with pre-existing conditions, how we’re working to lower prescription drug prices and how we’re trying to clean up the swamp in Washington, and all the other legislative agendas we’ve done.”

He added, “I think she’ll eventually want to get around to that, but at the same time, she’s going to want to get some assurance that there will be a fair trial.”

Cohen concluded that he believes that as time goes on, it is more likely that further evidence against President Trump will come out, and this will increase pressure on Republicans.

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