Dem Rep. Clark: ‘Dangerous’, ‘Unpredictable’ Trump ‘Acts Out of His Own Self-Needs’

During Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA) ripped into President Donald Trump over his and his administration’s foreign policy decisions.

Clark called Trump a “dangerous” and “unpredictable” president who acts for his own personal gain rather than the American people.

“[W]e have a dangerous president,” Clark told host John Berman. “We have a dangerous president who is unpredictable, who acts out of his own self-needs and ego wants and not those of the security of the country and of the American people. And when you combine that with a dangerous and unpredictable world, we have a threat to our security and to Americans here and abroad.”

Berman asked Clark if she is suggesting Trump killing Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani was for his own personal gain.

“I think that [Trump]is obsessed with how he is viewed worldwide,” she replied. “We don’t know exactly why he did this, because the White House is not being forthcoming. This president and his administration do not exactly have a deep well of credibility either with the American people or abroad. What we’ve seen is a continuation of reckless action that now is already having very, very dire impacts, whether it’s impacting our ability to combat ISIS, having the Iraqi government and prime minister asking that foreign troops be removed from their country. We’ve seen the attack in Kenya. And while we don’t know if they are related, it is amazing and disturbing that the president has not yet commented on that.”

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