CNN’s John King: Republicans Have ‘Good Point’ About Questioning Whistleblower

CNN anchor John King said on Thursday during his network’s Senate impeachment trial coverage that the Republicans had a good point in wanting to question the whistleblower who “started all of this.”

King said, “Rand Paul went first — he asked his question, his question named somebody that Rand Paul believes to be the whistleblower. The chief justice has made clear he wants no part of that, will have no part of that, and he’s not going to do it. Rand Paul continues to air his grievances. He continues to air them in other ways on social media.”

He continued, “Call that a political stunt, Rand Paul would say it’s a principled argument. Republicans make a good point. The whistleblower started all of this. Why has the whistleblower never been questioned? Shouldn’t the House Democrats have found a secure way to do that? It’s a legitimate point of debate as we go through this. Is outing the whistleblower in a public setting the way to make your point? I think we could have a conversation about that This process is broken. There’s no trust between the two parties.”

He added, “The Democrats’ argument is just about everything the whistleblower alleged has been proven through other sources, so we don’t need to do this. But you’re asking the Congress, the Senate now to remove the president of the United States. It’s a legitimate point for the president’s team and the Republicans to say, ‘Shouldn’t we go to the very origin of this?'”

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