Matthews: I Think Some of the Reallocating in Iowa Was Done ‘Illegally’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews stated that when people got to reallocate in the 2020 Iowa caucus on Monday, people “skirmished around, ran around, by the way, some of it, I think, illegally.”

Matthews said, “It is a strange situation when we’ve got three victory totals. You can pick the one you like, the first one…tell me if I’m wrong, is like a primary. In other words, people walked in, they voted. That’s how they came out, with Bernie a bit ahead of Buttigieg. And then they — people got to reallocate. They skirmished around, ran around, by the way, some of it, I think, illegally. They just decided they didn’t have enough in one group so they — and went over and poached a few others from other parts of the room, and they got their total to — for viability. And then the third total is the way we used to count this, how many national delegates did you get, and Pete Buttigieg wins there.”

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