MSNBC’s Reid: Dems Need Nominee Who Can ‘Fight Like a Republican’ — Bloomberg Was One

MSNBC’s Joy Reid said Tuesday on her network’s New Hampshire primary coverage that to defeat President Donald Trump, the 2020 Democratic nominee will have to “fight like a Republican.”

Reid pointed to former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg because “he is a Republican, or used to be, anyway.”

Reid said, “He still sounds like a Republican to a lot of people. So it’s a weird coalition. I have to tell you — if this is an exhaustion election, which I think it is. An exhaustion election means people just want to sleep at night.”

She continued, “I know Republicans who — they don’t mind the fiscal policies of Trump. They like that, but they also want to sleep at night. If you’re a Republican and still want Republican policy but don’t want the tweets and the madness, you might go to him. If you’re a Democrat that just wants to beat Trump at all costs, you see Trump as just this force of evil, and you just want the money that it’s’s going to take to defeat him, and you think this guy will spend $2 billion to beat him, you might vote for him.”

Co-host Nicole Wallace said, “That is something I pick up anecdotally is you want the guy that is going to fight high and low. This is a compliment, not an insult to Democrats. They follow the rules. You can’t follow the rules and beat Donald Trump. He cheats at everything. He asked Ukraine to help him. There’s a sense that Bloomberg not that he will break any rules, but he’ll go high, and he’ll go low. He talked about porn and a cheeseburger and a putter being in his brain.”

Reid said, “Number one, you can’t beat showbiz without showbiz. Democrats don’t understand showbiz, even though all of showbiz is on their side, Hollywood, but they don’t understand showbiz. And the other reality is if you want a Democrat to win, they have to know how to fight like a Republican. He is a Republican, or used to be anyway.”

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