CNN’s Sellers on Democrat Debate: ‘Donald Trump Will Destroy Michael Bloomberg’

Thursday during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day,” network contributor Bakari Sellers offered his assessment on the Democratic presidential debate held a night earlier.

According to Sellers, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg showed vulnerability, especially if he is matched up against President Donald Trump in November.

“I mean, look, the performance was godawful. It was one of the worst performances. And I don’t know what my level of expectation was for Michael Bloomberg, but he didn’t meet that. And it’s amazing to see someone who has billions of dollars and all of these resources not spend any money on debate prep. Or if he did, he probably fired them all last night, even before the plane left Las Vegas. So it was a deplorable performance. I think that, as I said earlier, those curious individuals — and Krystal was right, I mean, that for many people, the only person who could rival Bernie Sanders as we are — as this field is winnowing and as we’re getting to Nevada, South Carolina, and then the big debate hall — or excuse me, the big delegate hall of Super Tuesday. People thought it was going to be Michael Bloomberg. After last night’s performance, I’m sure Mayor Bloomberg wishes he’d never showed up.

People are used to losses in Vegas and big losses at the craps table, the blackjack table. But it’s very rare you see somebody take a loss like that on a debate stage. And I think the two people who will benefit from that are Elizabeth Warren and, even more so, Joe Biden. Again, you started to see Joe Biden’s lead with African-Americans get cut some by Michael Bloomberg. And that was because of the ads that they saw that portrayed him as someone who can take on Donald Trump. Donald Trump will destroy Michael Bloomberg if last night is any example of what happens on the debate stage.

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