CNN’s Begala: Trump Will Replace Pence with Nikki Haley as His 2020 Running Mate

CNN political commentator Paul Begala predicted President Donald Trump would replace Vice President Mike Pence with former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley as his 2020 running mate on Monday.

The former adviser to President Bill Clinton offered the prognostication to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) 2020 policy conference on Monday.

Discussing President Donald Trump’s standing among college-educated white voters, Begala said, “There are swing voters still in America. As the white working class has moved to Trump, college-educated white folks have moved to the Democrats. Barack Obama is a pretty good politician. He lost college-educated white voters by 14. Democrats just won them overwhelmingly. Particularly on the strength of a woman. If you really want to drill down, it’s college-educated white woman in the suburbs.”

He added, “They are running from Trump. They are the ones who handed Nancy Pelosi the gavel … I think you are going to see the same thing with Trump on the ballot. He polarizes those women. He frightens them with good reason.”

When asked to make a 2020 prediction, Begala said, “This is not a prediction. It’s a certainty. On Thursday, July 16, that’s the date the Democrat gives his or her acceptance address — on that day, to interrupt that narrative, Donald Trump will call a press conference at Mar-a-Lago. He’s going to dump Mike Pence and put Nikki Haley on the ticket to try to get those suburban moms. You watch. Guaranteed.”

He added, “Trump put Pence in charge coronavirus to throw him under the bus.”

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