Carville: There Will Be Calls for Sanders to Exit – Clyburn ‘Saved the Democratic Party’

During MSNBC’s Super Tuesday coverage, Democratic strategist James Carville stated that House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) “saved the Democratic Party” and predicted that 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will face “backlash” and calls for him to exit the race to prevent the primary race from dragging on for too long.

Carville began by saluting Clyburn and saying he “literally saved the Democratic Party.”

He added, “Bloomberg and Warren are not long for this world. I think what we might be starting to see…we might see Democrats starting to ask Sanders, to — look, let’s just don’t drag this thing out any more than we have to.”

Carville later stated, “Democrats are not interested in a revolution. They’re interested in getting this guy out of power just as fast as they possibly can. … I think you’re going to start seeing some backlash here.”

Carville further said, “[A]s they go forward, they’re going to have people saying, Sen. Sanders, do you really want to do this? If you really — if the goal here is to really beat Donald Trump, what you’re doing is counterproductive. Look, you ran all the way through in the 2016 primaries. You had a voice in the 2020 primaries. You carried your campaign. You raised a lot of money, but our most important constituencies in our party are just — they’re not for you.”

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