Cecile Richards: There Has to Be a Woman on the Democratic Ticket

Thursday on MSNBC’s “The Beat,” former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards said now that the Democratic nomination has come down to former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), there has to be a woman in the vice-presidential slot.

When asked about Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) exiting the race today, Richards said, “Well, it’s still fresh, and I think there were so many women around the country heartbroken and it was a gut punch, even though intellectually after Super Tuesday it seemed like this was the path. I know you flashed earlier the photo of Senator Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, Senator Amy Klobuchar. This is in a series of losses for women that feels very, very tough. And ironically, of course, at a time when women are completely fueling the primaries. Women are overwhelmingly the majority. I think there were 59% of South Carolina voters. So, it’s a tough day, and Elizabeth Warren is a great candidate, a great elected official. I just interviewed her recently. She could walk in the Oval Office tomorrow and run this country in a spectacular fashion. It’s hard to square to circle tonight.”

She continued, “I guess there’s one thing we can do to take the first step, and that is there has to be a woman on this ticket. That’s a message that has to be heard loud and clear. Women will be the majority of voters in November. I think it’s important these candidates understand how important it is that we move a woman on the ticket.”

She added, “I want to say it here first because I do think it’s important. Women put their heart and soul into this primary, several of them supported the women who lost or who no longer look like will be the nominee. I think it’s important to recognize women are a supermajority in this country. We are the majority of voters. It’s time we have representation.”

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