FNC’s Hume: ‘We May or May Not Flatten the Curve but We’ve Certainly Flattened the Economy’

Tuesday, Fox News Channel’s Brit Hume weighed in on the actions taken by governments throughout the country to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and spare lives in the process.

Hume was critical of the medical data used to justify some of the decisions, which he said have had an impact on the American economy.

“[T]he models were the basis really for these decisions that have been made,” he explained during a segment with FNC’s Tucker Carlson. “These drastic restrictions that we have placed on ourselves as a country to combat the coronavirus and you know, we may not — we may or may not flatten the curve, but we’ve certainly flattened the economy. And at least 10 million people based on the unemployment claims are out of work, and obviously, millions more either are or will be soon, and there are costs associated with that in terms of, you know, human suffering and anxiety and stress and all of which are really probably not the responsibility of the epidemiologist, but they are the responsibility of the public policymakers who have been relying on these expert doctors, these epidemiologists like Dr. Birxand Dr. Fauci who I think have done the best they can.”

“And because, you know, we weren’t able to test nationwide immediately, they were reliant on these models, these computer models and particularly the one that you cited from the University of Washington, which as you pointed out, has been way, way off on a number of accounts up to and including this most recent — its most recent projections,” Hume continued. “So the question should be raised, you know, was this the right call? And is it really true that the reason that we’re beginning to think we may have turned the corner on this because we all did what the doctor said we should do or is it because the disease turned out not to be quite as dangerous as we thought? And we’re going to be debating that I think, Tucker, for a long time to come.”

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