NYT’s Friedman: ‘Depths of Despair’ by Crushing the Economy Will Kill More People Than Coronavirus Itself

Monday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman discussed his recent column, entitled, “We Need Herd Immunity From Trump and the Coronavirus.”

As states and local governments weigh when to reopen the economy after a lengthy quarantine around the United States, Friedman urged the importance of finding a balance in saving lives and saving livelihoods because he believes a poor economy will “kill so many more people than the virus itself.”

“I really believe we have to harmonize our desire to save lives and livelihoods,” Friedman emphasized. “Because depths of despair by crushing the economy will, in the end, kill so many more people than the virus itself. So, I think we have to take very seriously how to harmonize those. But I do believe you have to do it in a very strategic and coordinated way if you’re going to lift these closures.”

Friedman went on to suggest quarantining and protecting the most vulnerable to severe outcomes with the coronavirus and then slowly phasing in those who are immune and the ones least likely to be killed by the virus to help acquire herd immunity, which he noted is the approach in Sweden.

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