Scarborough: Trump ‘in a Full-Blown Panic,’ Putting Reelection Ahead of Americans’ Health

During Wednesday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, host Joe Scarborough accused President Donald Trump of being “in a full-blown panic” after seeing numbers in this week’s polls “looking badly for him.”

Scarborough said Trump is putting his 2020 reelection bid ahead of the American public’s health, which he argued is why he is pushing to reopen the economy amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“[T]his president is running blindly forward,” Scarborough stated. “He’s in a full-blown panic because he sees that this week’s political polls, the first week in May, which are just — they’re just not relevant to where the president’s going to be in November, he sees polls this week, today, looking badly for him. … And he’s looking at the polls, and things are getting worse for him everywhere. And so, he’s just looking at this moment in time. He’s just looking at today at his political calculations instead of worrying about how Americans are doing healthwise, how the economy is doing, how small business owners will do if he rushes too quickly to open things up.”

He later added, “As we’ve said from the beginning, this virus is not a Republican virus or a Democratic virus, and it’s not about red state or blue state America. But this president just can’t engage, Mika, and he’s acting more reckless than ever.”

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