MSNBC’s Heilemann: Flynn Decision Speaks to ‘Lawlessness at the Top of the Nation’s Top Law Enforcement Agency’

Friday, MSNBC contributor John Heilemann slammed the Department of Justice’s (DoJ) decision to drop charges against former National Security Adviser Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn, after evidence showed that FBI agents attempted to entrap Flynn into lying to them.

Heilemann said on “Morning Joe” that the DoJ’s decision “speaks” to the “lawlessness at the top of the nation’s top law enforcement agency.” He also argued the move was “totally political.”

“You know, the exercise of raw power that Barr executed on Trump’s behalf …  was one of the most extraordinary exercises of raw power I’ve seen on the part of an attorney general, serving just a purely political personal interest of the president’s,” Heilemann stated. “This is in that category. You know, you pointed out that the history is here, but not remembering — or leaving out — what happened after Mike Pence and Donald Trump said those things and sent those tweets. What happened after that was throughout.”

“We’ve heard Trump, on his Twitter feed, in interviews, in press conferences, expressing sympathy for Flynn … saying Flynn was a good man, saying Flynn was mistreated, maltreated. He’s dropped hints,” he continued. “We’ve seen this, in some sense, coming for the past couple years. And yet, you thought there was no possible way that any attorney general, given these circumstances, given the convictions, given the repeated admissions of guilt, given the plea agreements that they led to, all of those things, that you could walk it and somehow get out of this. Yet, here we are. And so, I just think it speaks to lawlessness, lawlessness at the top of the nation’s top law enforcement agency, an agency now operating in a purely political … a totally political and a way in which, in the pursuit of political ends — abuse of power in the most naked way is just the order of the day now at the DoJ.”

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