Carson: ‘Need to Eliminate’ Allowing Officers with Bad Records to Work in Different States

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” HUD Secretary Ben Carson said that the legal system and policing have problems, but that they are “not widespread.” Carson specifically stated that allowing officers who have spotty records to go from state to state shouldn’t be allowed.

Carson said, “Are there problems in the legal system and with the police? There are. But they’re not widespread. But there are police who have bad records who can just go from one state to another state. We need to eliminate that kind of thing. But what people need to understand with these rioters is that they’re not all the same people. There are some who are peaceful, who have a legitimate gripe, and then there are some who are wreaking chaos and they look for these opportunities. You always see them two or three days after something starts, and then they come flooding in and they use this as a cover to wreak anarchy. And now, asking to defund the police, are you kidding me? I mean, we need to have some dialogue, have some of these people sit down with reasonable people, and let’s talk, and I think they’ll see that that’s just silly.”

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