Rep. Bobby Rush: Trump Is ‘in the Throes of Some Type of Insanity’

Friday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) said President Donald Trump is “really in the throes of some type of insanity.”

Host Kate Bolduan said, “I wanted to get your take on something that the president said yesterday when he was in Dallas speaking on the fight for racial equality in the country. He was talking about it and suggested that fixing the problem really should be done quickly. Listen to what he said.”

In a clip, Trump said, “I think we’re going to do it very easily, quickly, and it will go very easily.”

Rush said, “Well, he is a man who is really in the throes of some type of insanity. I’m not sure exactly what. I’m not a psychiatrist, but he is a person who has lost his sense of reality. As you indicated, I grew up in the civil rights movement fighting police misconduct, police brutality, and police murder.”

He continued, “I know that there’s no quick and easy fix to the nation of police brutality and murder in this nation. So the president is way off base. Again, he is in need, to me, he needs essentially a jingoist? He lies to himself. He lies to the American people. I think he’s a pathological liar, and there seems to be no sense of fairness, justice. There is not a good bone in his body, so you know I’m at a point where I kind of really dismiss this. Anything he says, anything he promises, anything he utters out of his mouth, is, to me, just like rubbish.”

He added, “I throw it into the garbage dump of what I call the Donald Trump pathological rubbish garbage mill. Donald Trump doesn’t mean anything to me. He’s not a president. He’s the worst thing to happen to the American presidency. He’s the worst president, including the president of Andrew Johnson, who prior is someone I would consider the worst president of the United States. But Andrew Johnson stands head and shoulders above President Donald Trump.”

Bolduan said, “Congressman, thank you for coming on. You can hear the passion in your voice and in your words.”

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