WH’s Conway: ‘Liberty and Justice for All Means Everyone’

Monday, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway reacted to Rayshard Brooks’ death during a confrontation with Atlanta police over the weekend.

Conway, without taking a stance on the side of the police or Brooks, said on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered Overtime” that the phrase “liberty and justice for all” from the Pledge of Allegiance “means everyone.”

“Obviously the entire country, the world, in fact, watched the tape of George Floyd from several weeks ago now in great disgust and horror. I’ve said that he was murdered before our eyes, a senseless murder. That is true now. We today see a widow, another family heartbroken because of what’s happening in Atlanta. I certainly don’t want to involve myself in the investigation that your reporter just said will be taking place in Atlanta where it belongs. But everybody should feel grief and sorrow for the family of Rayshard Brooks. Again, we … have to heal.

Conway then called into question House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other Democrats pushing to remove statues honoring Confederate leaders in the wake of the Brooks’ death and George Floyd’s in Minneapolis.

“People here in Washington, D.C., Nancy Pelosi, let’s just take down some statutes. How is that a response to what we see on these tapes? How will we ever heal? But I want to tell you in no uncertain terms, and not just because I have a law degree — ‘liberty and justice for all’ means everyone. We are a fragile and young democracy,” she emphasized.

Conway went on to say President Donald Trump is “listening” to anybody wanting to talk to him about police reform, but asked if Congress is willing to get work.

“[Trump] does these executive orders in large part because Congress doesn’t do its job,” she added. “Where are they? He’s here every day, where are they?”

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