Joy Behar: Trump Committing ‘Criminal Negligence’ on Coronavirus Pandemic

Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Joy Behar said President Donald Trump is committing “criminal negligence” in his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Discussing if Trump was joking or not when he said he wanted testing slowed down, Behar said, “No, I never did really, but I thought that he gave his enablers some wiggle room to spin what he said by they said he was joking. Either way, he’s a loser because if he wasn’t joking, then he has to admit that several hundred thousands — I don’t know how many thousands of people have already died from the virus. You can’t make a joke in that kind of atmosphere even as a comedian I would never do that. I mean, if he was joking, then it’s just like, you know, what are you joking about? The whole thing doesn’t make any sense to me.”

She added, “The truth of the matter is he always wanted to slow down the testing because the testing when it’s in big numbers and accurate, it makes him look bad. I believe that’s called criminal negligence when you say I’m not going to do the testing. Just like when he goes out without a mask and encourages other people to do that. The curve keeps going up because of him. I just looked up another county. In other countries, the curve is going down, not here, because of him.”

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