Brzezinski on Stone Commutation: ‘Trump Went Where Nixon Never Did’

Monday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski shared her reaction to President Donald Trump commuting ally Roger Stone’s 40-year prison sentence over the weekend.

Brzezinski said in commuting Stone, “Trump went where Nixon never did,” referencing former President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal.

“First, Jon Meacham, Trump went where Nixon never did,” Brzezinski stated. “I question what does a historian do to put this into context, to think of a president and to sort of — how does a historian address this moment in history, this incident in a way that kind of gives it some greater understanding?”

MSNBC contributor and historian Jon Meacham agreed, saying Trump “would prefer to be a monarch.”

“History is, in many cases, like an iceberg, right,” Meacham replied. “There are parts of it you can see, but there’s an enormous amount you cannot, and over time you hope you see what was below. And that’s certainly true with Trump. But what we do see is pretty clear, right. We have a president who would prefer to be a monarch. He is using the powers of the presidency that were installed as a check and a balance to put things out of balance, in fact. And character matters here.”

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