McCarthy Hits Google for Efforts to Censor Conservative Speech — ‘They Have Totally Denigrated Breitbart’

On this week’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) criticized tech giant Google for efforts to restrict conservative speech by manipulating its search results.

McCarthy pointed to Breitbart News as one of the victims of Google’s heavy-handed tactics, with host Maria Bartiromo acknowledging Google had “totally denigrated” Breitbart.

Partial transcript as follows:

BARTIROMO: I know that you have talked a lot about technology companies and perhaps what they’re going to do going into the election. Real quick — we’re running out of time here, but I want to get your take on Google.

Are they going to try to censor conservative speech right before the election, 85 days away now?

MCCARTHY: Not they are going to try. They’re already doing it.

You watch what they did in 2016, when they met together then special programs, trying to bring more people out to vote for Hillary. But, remember, they have 90 percent of all searches on the Internet go through Google. They determine what you see. They determine what you understand.


MCCARTHY: They called the Republican Party of California, that we had Nazism in our ideals. They believed that this was OK.

BARTIROMO: Yes, I remember that. Yes.

MCCARTHY: Every — they have taken like — sites like…

BARTIROMO: This is crazy.

MCCARTHY: … Breitbart and made you — they have taken sites like Breitbart and not allowed you to see them, so they have stopped traffic from going to it.

They can take control of what you see when you Google a name.

BARTIROMO: That’s — you’re right about that, yes.

MCCARTHY: I’m not — it’s proven time and again.

BARTIROMO: I never see that. That’s right. Breitbart — for some reason, they have totally — they have totally denigrated Breitbart. It’s true.

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