Booker: ‘Very Confident’ Voter Fraud in Vote-by-Mail ‘Is Rare’

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) on Monday sounded off on the Democrats’ push for post office legislation to support vote-by-mail in the upcoming 2020 elections amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Republicans have pushed back against mail-in voting because of the increased possibility of voter fraud, but Booker told CNN’s “New Day” he is “confident” voter fraud “is rare” in states that utilize vote-by-mail.

“It is infinitesimally small, and one of the reasons why mail-in balloting fraud is so easy to catch as even Mitt Romney pointed out from Utah is that there is a paper trail. You can compare signatures,” Booker argued. “It is very hard with all the information you have that it takes to go through voting by mail to pull off any kind of fraud.”

“So, New Jersey, people try to cheat, and they were caught as often will happen when you try to do something like that,” he continued. “And so I’m very confident, number one, that this is rare. Number two, if people try it, it will be caught. And number three, we have the evidence of states from Oregon and Washington to Utah and Colorado that have been doing this for a very long time. And it’s been supported in those states by Republicans and Democrats.”

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