Mo Brooks: Postal Service Threat to Voting an ‘Outright Lie,’ ‘Propaganda’ from the Democrats

Tuesday, during an interview, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) criticized the Democratic Party’s use of the U.S. Postal Service as part of its presidential election strategy, calling it an “outright lie” to say without additional resources, the post office could not handle a vote-by-mail system.

Brooks told Mobile, AL radio’s FM Talk 106.5 that the notion that the USPS could not handle an additional piece of incoming and outgoing mail was “absurd.”

“It is politics,” he said. “It is contrived. The post office historically has had a deficit. This year is no different than any other. And if you listen to what the Democrats are really saying — think about their argument. They are claiming that one additional piece of mail coming into your mailbox, that being your vote-by-mail, and the one piece going out, that is after you have voted and sent it out, is suddenly going to collapse the post office and risk our election. That is absurd. Think of all the mail you get in your mailbox and how one in and one out is suddenly something the post office can’t handle.”

He said the real aim of Democrats was to sow more division in the country and said the effort was motivated by the desire to create another block vote.

“You have to understand the political strategy of the Democrats overall,” Brooks explained. “On the Republican side, we try to appeal to your patriotic interests of the United States of America. And we believe as America does well, everybody’s opportunities improve and everybody overall has a chance to do better. On the Democrat side, their strategy is to divide us into special interest groups. It might be the LGBT-whatever community. It might be people who are African-American or Hispanic-American. You can see how they’re breaking us down on race. They’re breaking us down on sex.”

“And here what they’re trying to do is get a block vote from the United States Postal Union members and their families,” he continued. “So that’s just another block vote they’re trying to get by catering to a special interest group that is not in the interests of the taxpayers of America. The post office should be self-sufficient, should be more efficient, and should charge whatever prices are necessary for them to be able to be in the black. But the Democrats don’t want that done, and this is strictly an effort to cater to that block vote.”

The Alabama Republican contended Democrats knew the narrative was an “outright lie” and noted that Americans had managed to hold elections through other pandemics.

“[I] contend that it is an outright lie on the part of the Democrats,” Brooks added. “They know that what they’re saying is not the truth. And they’re going to try to misrepresent as best as possible in order to deceive enough voters to be able to prevail.”

“With some voters, it does work — particularly with the echo effects from the fake news media,” he continued. “The major networks, the major newspapers — they’ll parrot whatever the Democratic Party wants them to parrot. And that makes it much more difficult. But keep in mind, all voters have the right to go to the voting location on Election Day and vote. And that’s the way it’s operated for over two centuries in the United States of America. And we’ve done just fine with that process. We did that process in 1918 and in 2020 during the great flu epidemic of 1918 to 1920, also known as the Spanish Flu. This is just propaganda, and the Democrats believe the voters are too dumb to figure it out, and the Democrats can get away with misrepresenting things, and as long as they continue to get away with it, they’re going to do it.”

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