Sharpton: Trump Is a ‘Straight Out of the 19th Century’ Racist

Tuesday on MSNBC, weekend anchor and National Action Network founder Al Sharpton described President Donald Trump as a 19th century-style racist who talked about “blacks are coming to rape your women.”

At a press conference, while answering a final question in Kenosha, WI, Trump said, “They want to see law and order. That is the change they want. They want law and order. They want the police to do what they do better than anyone else in the world. You don’t see them marching, but they want a great police force, they want people that are going to keep them safe where their houses aren’t broken into, where they are not raped and murdered. That is what they want. And they are protestors too, but they didn’t walk upon’t walk up and down the street.”

Sharpton said, “I think that the president is outright racist. This is not even dog-whistling, this is outright screaming when you talk about—I mean like today, the answer to that last question you just showed where he said where people will come in and rob and rape you. I mean, this is straight out of the 19th century kind of the blacks are coming to rape your women.”

He added, “This kind of stuff I think will make people understand that this is bigger than whether you are Republican or Democrat. This is about whether you believe in a country that should deal with people equal actually and fairly. To say that low-income housing— let’s remember now, he was accused of discrimination in his own real estate business, and he had to settle with the federal government. So this is not just Trump as president. This is Trump as we knew him in New York.”

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