Hawley on Biden: ‘He Sold Out America to China’

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) on Thursday ripped 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for his handling of China in the White House.

Fox News Channel’s “America Newsroom” host Sandra Smith asked Hawley what he wants to hear from President Donald Trump at the presidential debate scheduled for later that night.

Hawley, noting Biden spent eight years as vice president, said Trump will prosecute Biden for having “sold out America to China” by shipping jobs overseas while also “pursuing lucrative business dealings.”

“Well, I think the president is going to prosecute the case against Joe Biden and point out that Biden had eight years in office in the White House, and look what he did,” Hawley told Smith. “He sold out America to China. He shipped our jobs overseas. Working wages were flat. And all the time it looks like he is pursuing lucrative business dealings overseas. And this is a guy who’s gotten rich off of globalization, off of the liberal agenda while other people suffered, and now he wants to go back to those days? I don’t think so.”

Hawley also accused Big Tech of working to get Biden elected by covering up the story about his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings overseas because they want to “control” him.

“It tells you Big Tech is in the tank for the Biden campaign,” Hawley advised, noting major tech companies “are big enough and powerful enough to do it.”

He added, “These tech executives invested heavily in the Biden campaign. They think they’ll control him just like they controlled Obama White House. … We’ve got to haul these guys in, we’ve got to put them under oath. We’ve got to get commitments from them and then we’ve got to break them up.”

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